Chromebook donations

Chromebook Donations

As part of OX IT Solutions ongoing commitment to local business, we recently reached out to a handful of schools in Oxfordshire with an offer of FREE Chromebooks to assist with the home learning hurdles faced by our local communities in these challenging times.

Amongst the schools we assisted, Henry Box School (Witney) and Wheatley Park School were both grateful recipients of HP Chromebooks!

According to a recent local BBC report, up to 30% of home schooling children and their families are struggling to share either a single laptop, or in some cases, even attempting to home school via a smartphone.

River Learning Trust - How to Donate

The River Learning Trust serve some of Oxford's most disadvantaged communities and YOUR donation helps sustainability, is healthier for the environment than disposal and could make all the difference to a family already struggling in this difficult period.

If YOUR company wish to donate an old or unused Chromebooks/laptops, then please contact us or you can donate here:

Quote from Wheatley Park School

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