Climbing the IT career ladder, with Account Manager Rahul Masih

Supporting colleagues to develop their IT skills via on-going professional training is an integral part of life at OX IT Solutions.

Rahul Masih joined our team in November 2020 with ambitions to develop his knowledge and understanding of our networking, infrastructure and cyber security solutions.

After nine successful months of intensive training while working as our Business Development Executive, we were delighted to promote Rahul to Account Manager. He is now responsible for accounts in local government, corporate, education and charity.

We spoke to Rahul to learn more about his career development at OX IT Solutions and how he found switching roles within a year.

Professional development

Delivering the right IT solutions for their business requires deep technical industry expertise combined with strong partnerships with top tier vendors.

Rahul started at OX IT Solutions as a Business Development Executive, based on a successful career in sales across property, retail and automobiles. But he also had a good understanding of technology, including hardware and software and wanted to progress a career in IT support.

“I’ve always been sales driven, and I’m a technology advocate too,” said Rahul. “I like to own the latest technology and had experience working with hardware and software solutions, so OX IT Solutions looked like a great fit.

“I was keen to take my career to the next level, and OX IT Solutions helped me achieve that via training and support.”

Tailored training

Continued professional development and bespoke training ensures our team enjoy career progression and are always able to advise our clients on the latest threats, solutions and opportunities.

Rahul flourished via our bespoke training programme and was able to develop into his new role.

“My training was second to none,” said Rahul. “I found my feet and the support I received from my colleagues meant I was able to progress to account manager really quickly.

“I learnt how to respond to specific enquiries, what questions need to be asked and how to communicate effectively on the phone. My training was tailored to my own requirements.

“When I joined the company, I already had a good understanding of IT, so we didn’t seek training externally. I couldn’t have asked for more support from my colleagues.”

IT support

As account manager, Rahul is now responsible for all areas of IT support including remote assistance, maintenance, cyber security, hardware solutions and product advice.

He works closely with clients including the Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust, and South Yorkshire Pensions Authority. His day-to-day tasks include communicating with customers to understand how our products and services can contribute towards the smooth operation of each business.

“We’ll start making calls or sending emails to customers from 9am,” said Rahul. “Because we work in all areas of IT, we can assist any business with their IT requirements.

“It’s important we define who we are, what we do and what we’re capable of to our existing customers and those considering working with us.  

“We need to be proactive as well, which was a key area of my training. To inform businesses we can supply everything connected to IT is very powerful. Our service makes life easy, and we can break the language down to simplify messaging in complicated areas.”

Team spirit

So, what was Rahul’s personal experience of working with OX IT Solutions in the past two years amid a global pandemic?

He said: “I’ve had several jobs and worked with people of all backgrounds. But OX IT Solutions has been a fantastic company to work for.

“We have a great team and a professional approach to work, training and having a healthy work-life balance. I feel I’ve grown as a person since starting here too.

“The team is supportive, understanding and committed to helping their colleagues and clients, which all contributes towards a positive atmosphere.”

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