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OX IT Solutions is offering businesses free, remote cyber security reviews to help tackle the rise in cybercrime.

Data theft and cyber-attacks are growing at an alarming rate and becoming increasingly sophisticated. It is more important than ever for businesses and organisations of all sizes to prioritise cybersecurity to combat these attacks. Malware, phishing and denial of service attacks are just a small number of threats to your IT security.   

We are helping combat this problem by offering free security audits to all businesses.

Chris Cope, a director at OX IT Solutions, said: “The threat businesses face from cyber security attacks is constant and always evolving. It means having the right systems and processes in place is vital to keep your business protected. Our security review helps identify any gaps in protection and provides guidance on best practice on how to bridge any shortfalls in your defence.”

The threat landscape

Earlier this year the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport released the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2022. It estimated that 72% of large firms in the UK identified breaches or attacks in the last 12 months.

Of those businesses who did identify an attempted attack, the most common form was a phishing attack – which made up 83%. One in five attacks was more sophisticated in nature including ransomware and malware attacks. It also established that 31% of businesses and 26% of charitable organisations experience cyberattacks on a weekly basis.

It is not just large corporations that fall victim to cyberattacks – businesses of all sizes can be targets. The Cyber Security Breach Survey estimated 36% of micro businesses and 48% of small businesses identified breaches in the last 12 months.

 “Hackers do not discriminate – if SMEs, charities or schools have money or data to exploit, they are under threat,” added Mr Cope.

“Small businesses and self-employed workers commonly assume they will not be a target but can have the most to lose from a cyber breach. Whether it is a loss of business because of downtime or stolen data, SMEs are often disproportionately affected.”

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Our highly trained technical team will complete the review remotely in a secure and confidential manner. If required, we can then provide advice and support to ensure you are fully protected.

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