How safe is your M365 and Google Workspace data?

Data has become one of the most valuable commodities in all businesses so minimising the data loss potential across all infrastructure and workloads must be a priority.

Contrary to popular belief, Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace do not provide data protection or long-term retention. Investing in an effective backup solution is the only way to ensure your business-critical data is fully protected.

Here, OX IT Solutions Account Manager Chris Cope explains the security risks to your data and the benefits of external backup solutions.

Defend your data

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace provide users with a full suite of services, but unfortunately complete backup is not one of them.

Chris explained: “Microsoft 365 offers very limited backup through a shared responsibility model. Just like with Google Workspace, this does not protect you from human error. Whether this is accidental file deletion or a malicious act, file recovery is not an option on either platform if files have permanently been deleted.

“Malicious software and viruses also pose a real threat to unsecured data. Scams, phishing attempts, and ransomware are all capable of infecting your data. If it is not backed up externally businesses could face lengthy and costly downtime as well as loss of the data, all together.”

Inactive M365 users are incredibly costly. Deleting Office 365 accounts when an employee leaves a company sounds simple enough, but did you know that this will also delete all their data? Without an effective backup solution businesses stand to lose all files created by a user when their account is deleted.

Chris added: “Backing up your data is ultimately your own responsibility when you are using M365 and Google Workspace. Therefore, we recommend all businesses implement a backup solution that offers complete protection to give them peace of mind.”

Back up as a service

Whether you have 10 employees or 10,000 employees, defending your data is absolutely essential to your business’ long term success.

A backup as a service solution ensures you can:

  • Combat data threats from user error, file deletion, and ransomware attacks
  • Avoid costly penalties by ensuring regulatory compliance with retention policies
  • Boost business continuity by reducing recovery times

From individual files and applications to full system images, backup solutions allow you to recover files in seconds and ensure your data is protected from all disaster scenarios.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

At OX IT Solutions we recommend streamlining your data protection efforts using just one simple, safe and secure solution. The Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud offers backup services for physical and virtual machines, M365 and Google workspace.

“This flexible and secure solution allows you to back up everything from files and folders to individual email attachments across the board,” said Chris.

“Managed backup and recovery services will always ensure your business-critical data is protected. In the event of data being lost or destroyed, an MSP can help to recover information quickly and efficiently.”

The Cyber Protect Cloud offers:

  • Quick backup search – flexible and fast recovery
  • Multi factor authentication
  • Multi-level encryption
  • Powerful status monitoring
  • Endpoint protection
  • Unified Portal to simplify management

The Cyber Protect Cloud can seamlessly back up more than 20 workloads whilst offering full flexibility and the best user experience. The integrated data protection and cybersecurity on offer also gives users multilayered and continuous protection in real time, during backups and during recovery.

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