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Heimdal Security

Intelligent Cybersecurity, Unified and Easy to Use

From ransomware and insider threat, to business email compromise and anything in between, Heimdal™ protects your operational integrity by stopping even the most sophisticated cyberattacks from day one.



attacks before they start

detect and responce

Detect & Respond

to threats and outbreaks



by managing rights & access



brand image and users



users anywhere

One Platform, One Agent, Complete Protection.

Secure Anything. Anytime. Anywhere.


Simplify your Operations

Heimdal™ combines threat prevention, vulnerability management, access management, and antivirus and e-mail security into a single platform that simplifies IT operations and helps companies stop any cyberattack, keeping critical assets, information and intellectual property safe.


Advance your Defences

Innovative components, unified in a complete Endpoint Prevention, Detection and Response platform, intelligently work together as one through AI to empower organizations to predict and stop tomorrow’s threats, today. With total confidence and complete visibility over any environment.


Unify your Security

Effectiveness, convenience and very competitive pricing combined into a unique security offering that simplifies your IT infrastructure, minimizes risk and boosts productivity, enabling you to replace up to 7 vendors with just 1. Empower your employees, whether on-site or remote.


Threat Platform

Individually as products or together as a suite, Heimdal™ gives you unmatched flexibility in tailoring your cybersecurity defenses and scaling up any existing setup.

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Endpoint Prevention, Detection and Response (E-PDR)

We take EDR to the next level

Endpoint Prevention Detection and Response provides unique prevention, threat-hunting, and remediation capabilities, empowering you to quickly and effortlessly respond to sophisticated malware.

As threat actors become more cunning and the inner workings of cyberattacks progress, so must we. Regrettably, standard EDR or XDR have become inconsequential. Prevention is more efficient than detection and response these days, and that’s exactly what Heimdal™ brings new to the table.

APTs, zero-day attacks, phishing, Business Email Compromise (BEC), or advanced malware are barely covered by standard security tools. But now you can replace scattered solutions with one: Heimdal™’s E-PDR.

Benefits of deploying powerful EDR.
Monitor. Respond. Analyze.

All-encompassing security model

Complete cybersecurity model that grants you access to the most powerful malware-hunting technologies. One model to hunt, prevent, detect and respond to threats.


Less stress, more productivity

EPDR technology provides you with a smart and layered approach to cybersecurity. Find and seal all exploits without relying on sophisticated threat-hunting solutions and analysts.


One agent, four solutions

EPDR is easy to deploy, with a lightweight agent that will not slow down your systems, help you save time, and improve day-to-day productivity. Threat Prevention, NGAV, and Vulnerability and Privileged Access Management unified in one agent and one platform.

Privileged Access Management

Effective and efficient PAM solution

Build truly in depth automated defences with the only solution with PAM, zero-trust execution and automatic de-escalation of user rights on threat detection. Move beyond outdated rights management tools and finally put a stop to insider threat.

Applying the Zero Trust Principle and limiting admin rights across IT infrastructures have become the only approach for safety. However, without a professional PAM tool, this can create more work and wasted time. Application control also emerges as an essential component of a healthy security setup.

Heimdal™ Privileged Access Management & Application Control is a sophisticated access governance solution that allows for both escalation and de-escalation of user rights. When used in tandem with our threat prevention, detection, and hunting suite, it becomes the only software on the market to automatically de-escalate users’ rights, should any infection be discovered on the machine, and the only app and privilege control suite that supports both Blacklisting and Whitelisting for apps in tandem with PAM.

Escalate and de-escalate user rights and manage permissions.
Automatically. On the go. With a full audit trail.

Failsafes trusted implicitly

No matter what happens during an elevated session, you’re always in control. Calling to attention the only Privileged Access Management solution that automatically ends the user session whenever a threat is detected on the user’s device.


Flip on the auto-pilot

Increased mobility, less time spent approving or denying requests. Escalate or de-escalate right from your smartphone and from anywhere in the world. Take charge of your PAM interface to create approval/denial flows, set individual rights per AD group and escalation period, remove existing local admin rights and more.


Identify and remove hidden vulnerabilities

Did you know that PAM can help you remove OS and web browser vulnerabilities? 93% of Windows OS and 100% of all browser-specific vulnerabilities can be solved by removing existing admin rights with Privileged Access Management.

Patch and Asset Management

Deploy, Patch and Manage your Software Inventory

Automate your vulnerability management and save valuable time and resources with a solution that lets you deploy and patch any Microsoft, 3rd party and proprietary software, on-the-fly, from anywhere in the world and according to any schedule. With complete visibility and granular control over your entire software inventory.

Heimdal™ Patch & Asset Management and its optional Infinity Management module provide not only automated vulnerability management but also a full Software Asset Management.

One solution for all deployment and patching needs.
Install and patch software. Close Vulnerabilities. Achieve Compliance.
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A to Z Patching and Updating

Patch & Asset Management takes over any updating or patching flow, regardless of licensing options or vendor. Our solution covers Microsoft, 3rd party software, and proprietary through command-line scripting.

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Timely and Timeless Patching

Patch anything, update everything, deploy, and upscale regardless of time-zone, machine availability or versioning. Push for advanced scheduling, force-reboot, on-demand update, patch, or security feature deployment. With greater accuracy and uniformity over PC clock sync compared to PTP or NTP syncing.

design icon

Designed for maximum efficiency

Designed to work for your users, not against them. Capitalize on time and IT resources by allowing your users to safely install, upgrade or downgrade software without over-the-shoulder supervision.

effortless icon

Effortless Software Inventory

Increased visibility over company-owned software assets. One interface for many jobs – updating, patching, downgrading, pushing custom packages, checking software versions, installed volume, and more. All of this under 30 seconds or less.


Beyond Compliance

Effortless software inventory means zero compliance issues. Every detail or modification is backlogged, archived, and made ready to be used for extensive inventory reports or compliance audits. The fastest way to obtain the NIST CM-7 controls accreditation.


Security Over Familiarity

Legacy is software familiarity. Get rid of outdated apps and close off the remaining security gaps. Automated patching with Patch & Asset management strengthens overall security, improves software performance, allowing your IT department to focus on more, company-vital, tasks.

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