The Hidden costs of Ransomware

Businesses pay the price for partial protection.

It’s not easy to get businesses to open up about ransomware. When we did, we found that the trouble doesn’t stop when the ransom’s paid.

The true cost of ransomware infections includes more than just the ransom payment. Webroot spoke with business leaders and IT professionals to find out how their organisations were affected by ransomware, beyond losing access to their data and paying a ransom.

Key findings include:

40% of ransomware attacks consumed 8 or more man-hours of work
46% of businesses said their clients were also impacted by the attack
38% of businesses said the attack harmed their brand or reputation
45% were ransomware victims in both their business and personal lives
50% of victims were deceived by a malicious website email link or attachment
45% of victims were unaware of the infection for more than 24 hours
17% of victims were unable to recover their data, even after paying the ransom

It’s no wonder why one respondent said, “It is a nightmare. Do all you can to prevent ransomware.” Even with some security measures in place, additional defensive layers must be implemented in order to reduce the threat surface area.

Defensive Measures

The best prepared businesses in our survey were the ones that refused to pay the ransom because they were able to recover their data. Over one-quarter of our respondents fell into this category, and nearly 80 percent of them were able to recover their data in a day or less. The best way to be able to recover data is to back it up.

Find out how businesses were affected, what their indirect costs were, and what they did to prevent future attacks by downloading the e-book, The Hidden Costs of Ransomware.

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Our latest report shows indirect costs can exceed the ransom payment.

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