The UK Data Protection Act 2018 and UK General Data Protection Regulation

Now the Brexit transition period has ended, the DPA 2018 and UK GDPR are the primary data protection legislation for organisations that process UK residents’ personal data.

What is the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR)?

The UK GDPR is the UK’s post-Brexit version of the EU GDPR.

The UK GDPR is very similar to the EU GDPR, so organisations that comply with the latter are likely to be in compliance with the former. For more details please visit IT Governance.


We've compiled a list of useful resources about GDPR. We can assist you from a security aspect to make sure you are taking the correct measures to secure and protect your data. We also strongly recommend seeking legal advice in order to comply with the new regulation. All information below sourced from IT Governance.

Data Protection Act (DPA) and EU GDPR Penalties - Compliance with data protection legislation is not just a matter of best practice; the penalties for non-compliance are serious – and are about to become a lot worse.


Free Green Paper download: EU General Data Protection Regulation - A Compliance Guide


GDPR Training Courses - Effective GDPR compliance begins with professional training


How ISO 27001 can help you comply with data protection law - ISO 27001, the international information security standard


How we can help Secure your data

To become GDPR compliant is an incredibly complex subject and we are here to help get you on the right track. We've complied a list of useful resources that can assist you with further information about GDPR. In line with this, we have listed areas below that we can assist you with securing data held within your company.

Here are a few key questions/areas of concern about your data and a list of solutions we offer to help you become compliant.

Key Questions/Areas of Concern

How is data protected within your organisation?

File and folder encryption
Are you running a security suite capable of controlling and monitoring the flow of data? Device Control and DLP with centralised reporting and policies.
Do you have all personally identifiable data on removable devices encrypted Drive Encryption and USB encryption.
Are there products in your current suite that could simply be enabled to encrypt and control data within the organisation Most customers are already licenced for Device Control and don’t realise.
Would you like to start by looking at Device Control, encryption and DLP Device Control, encryption and DLP
Are you Enforcing Encryption policies We can help with this and advise on products for endpoint and e-mail encryption.
Do you report on data breaches IPS Appliances and centralised reporting on the endpoint products would be extremely beneficial in this area.

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