A wealth of experience designing, implementing and maintaining Networks and Security Solutions

Business IT Support

Managing your company with no time for IT could be a huge risk to your business. We know the costs associated with employing a full-time technical department can be beyond the budget of most small businesses.


Whether you are a new company looking to setup your internal systems or already have a network in need of some upgrades and additional functionality our Infrastructure Services can cater for your needs.

Instant Remote Assistance

Connect directly with one of our technical support staff straight away, for instant support from us.

IT Recycling

Our unique IT service - from collection to reuse and recycling, is designed to remove and dispose of IT equipment, all within a secure and environmentally sensitive way.

Maintenance Contracts

Computer hardware is often noticed by your users only when something goes wrong. We can help you to both minimise disruption when faults occur, and reduce the possibility of problems happening in the first place.

Managed Services

Many of our security products are offered as a cloud managed solution. With your permission we can manage the software for you, reporting to you when there has been an outbreak, resolving the issue and reporting what we have done to fix it.

Penetration Testing

Stay ahead of the hackers with network penetration tests. By using all the tools and tricks available to real-world attackers, our network and infrastructure penetration tests uncover weak points in your IT security.

Pre-Sales Service

Through an OX IT Pre-Sales engagement we will find the best solution for your business. Our pre-sales staff are fully trained in all our offerings and have an unbiased approach to finding the best solution(s) for your organisation.

Project Management

Do you have a brand-new software rollout planned? Why not take away all the hassle and let one of our technical consultants manage the entire project for you from planning to proof of concept and final rollout.

Remote Cyber Security Review

Data theft and cyber-attacks are growing at an alarming rate and are becoming increasingly difficult to combat. With our security review we can help you address these challenges.

Service Rates

OX IT Solutions Ltd understand not everyone has the inhouse capabilities to help and support their IT department, we can be an extension to your IT operation.

Skills Matrix

OX IT Solutions Ltd offer an extensive range of support offerings which can be tailored in to your very own exclusive maintenance contract.

Support Contract

OX IT Solutions ltd offer an extensive range of support offerings which can be tailored in to your very own exclusive maintenance contract.

Telephone Support

Our technical support service give you access to our highly trained technicians from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday all year excluding Christmas and Bank Holidays.

Training Onsite

We offer bespoke on-site, hands on training for a wide range of Windows and Security products. Contact us for a quote on a training service completely tailored to your requirements.

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