IT Recycling
We aim to refurbish, reuse and recycle every piece of IT equipment safely, securely and efficiently.

it recycling

Our unique IT service - from collection to reuse and recycling, is designed to remove and dispose of IT equipment, all within a secure and environmentally sensitive way.

We work closely in partnership with the leading provider of CESG approved software to ensure accurate, quality controlled and fully documented proce­dures. That is why we are able to guarantee that 100% of data is permanently wiped from all IT equipment.

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Data Erasure & Destruction Capabilities

Below is a table containing our data erasure and data destruction capabilities. Each customer should instruct us with their own preference as to whether their data baring assets are to be erased, where possible, or destroyed, based on their own needs. We would assume that the customer has carried out a risk assessment, based on current legislation.

Data Baring Media

Magnetic Hard Drives

Up to CESG Approved Software, Blancco

CPNI Approved Shredder

Optical Media - CD's DVD's etc...

Not Applicable

CPNI Approved Shredder

Magnetic Tapes

Not Applicable

CPNI Approved Shredder

Any Removable Media - USBs

Not Applicable

CPNI Approved Shredder

Solid State Drives SATA

These can be erased using software

CPNI Approved Shredder

Smart Phones

Blackbelt data erasure software

CPNI Approved Shredder

All assets that fail the data erasure process are immediately shredded to a maximum particulate size of 6mm. This is carried out using a CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Security) approved shredder.

This guarantees that all data is either erased or destroyed.


We offer a suite of professional services to provide a safe, secure and responsible approach to recycling your redundant IT, be it refurb and reuse and realise value back or to ethically recycle through a network of approved downstream partners.
Asset Tagging
Data Imaging
Data Sanitisation
Data Shredding - on and off site
Assets Management & Recovery
Refurb & Redeploy
Delivery to client's desk & site
Packaging removal

Accredited Service

We work in partnership with service providers who have all the accreditations to carry out these processes for you, which are listed below, therefore this gives you assurance that the equipment will be processed to UK regulations:

• ISO 9001
• ISO 14001
• ISO 27001

Approved Shredding Service. All collections are carried out using our own GPS tracked vehicles, driven by fully DBS/CRB checked staff. Once processed, all hard drives will be data erased using Blancco one pass standard, software.

We can also erase to the CESG approved, 3 pass rate; this uses the same Blancco software, but to a higher security standard. Once the equipment has been fully processed, we will issue you with a full asset report for the collection, along with data erasure certificates for all the data bearing machines that have been erased. Destruction certificates will be issued for any assets that failed the data erasure process.

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