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How to respond to the constant threat of cyberattacks

The threat of cyberattacks and data theft in the UK is real – with 39% of businesses reporting a cybersecurity breach in the last 12 months.

Attackers do not discriminate. They target organisations of all sizes, including schools and charities, with the average breach costing a business more than £8,400. At OX IT Solutions we provide market leading cyber security protection to help our clients combat against such threats. This involves a full security review by one of our technicians to provide the right advice on software and cloud managed services to help protect you 24/7.

Cyber risk

The Government’s most recent Cyber Security Breaches Report stated cyber risk to organisations has been heightened because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Remote working presented an opportunity to hackers as digital environments are harder to secure. Cameron ensures our customers are always on top of incoming threats by providing the best software solutions and advice.

Jon Townsend, Technical Manager at OX IT Solutions said: “The threat of cyberattacks against organisations is constant, and monitoring attempts to access or damage network systems has never been more important.

“Successful breaches not only harm safety but can also be damaging to reputation. Our team is here to protect against this issue via our Cloud Managed Service and expert advice and support.”

Acronis Gold Partner

Amongst many other accreditations, OX IT Solutions are a Gold Partner for Cloud Managed Service Provider Acronis.

The Gold Partner status recognises our expertise, advisory service and commitment to providing next generation cybersecurity support, anti-ransomware and back-up protection

Jon added: “We’re here to supply IT products and services to UK-based companies which require an extension to their already busy IT departments.

“Our team is capable of designing, implementing and maintaining network and security solutions, making OX IT Solutions a one-stop-shop for all IT queries which is very powerful. An important part of my role is keeping an in-depth knowledge of our products and identifying which services will benefit our customers the most.”

Penetration testing

A common way to test the effectiveness of your network’s protection is to see if a member of our team can hack into your system, as part of our security review.

This process where ‘ethical hackers’ look to break through your security barriers is called penetration testing. Penetration testing is used to develop an understanding of what software and hardware a customer might require to strengthen their security.

It comes after the National Cyber Security Council warned of a sharp rise in ransomware attacks on schools, colleges and universities since February.

“The education sector is always under the radar of cyber attackers,” said Jon. “We’ll run through all the key questions before onboarding a customer, so we know what their requirements are.

“Penetration testing is an area we find a lot of organisations can invest more in. Understanding your own vulnerabilities makes it easier for us to identify how we can strengthen your company’s overall protection.”

Join our team today!

OX IT Solutions is looking for bright, customer-focused, and friendly people to join our team in the battle against cyberattacks.

We’re currently recruiting for a Business Development Lead Generator, an Account Manager to join our team. Further information about each vacancy is available by clicking here.

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